Oracle card project

The Dvarsh associate two traditions of divination with their wisdom book, Nod’s Way. The “outer” tradition relies on a set of oracle dice to guide queries. The “inner” tradition may sometimes involve dice, but its heart centers on a deck of cards similar to Tarot. If ever finished, a Nod’s Way deck will consist of 36 major, illustrated cards that correspond to the auspices of the Nod’s Way book, and two minor suits —bars and rings— of twelve cards each.

I am developing the entire deck as a piece. Right now I ping pong between working out ideas by sketching, and laying down pencil & ink base drawings that I’ll color once all the base drawings are done. This project is what I turn to when I need to step back from higher priorities, so I may work forever on the sixty card deck but never see it produced. That doesn’t mean I can’t share the the development process, which is what this gallery is about.

This collection begins with a handful of pencil & ink base drawings and a few sketches that document ideas still to execute. To clarify, base drawings are the foundations for what might actually appear on cards, whereas sketches are pictorial notes and rough drafts. I’ll add sketches and drawings as the project unfolds. Each card of the imagined deck will be represented by its most advanced state at any given time. I work slowly, but check back now and then.