The Dvarsh language is written with twenty-two characters that function as both consonants and syllabary, depending on context. Each character, standing alone, is also a word in its own right. There are, additionally, six vowel symbols used with the main characters when they function as consonants. The following table illustrates the set of characters in calligraphic and typographic versions.

The table is taken from Dvarsh, An Introduction, © 2017 by Stikmantica.

Dvarsh characters were inspired by plant forms: leaves, thorns, berries, buds. Written lines may go left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, or whatever; one always reads in the direction “the vine grows.” The characters shown are oriented left to right, which is most familiar to typical Anglophones.

Dvarsh, An Introduction, by Robert Stikmanz, offers a practical guide to the language, including extensive vocabulary and essential grammar. Published by Stikmantica in December 2017, it has become the touchstone for beginning studies in Dvarsh.